Tuesday, October 5, 2010

oreo flavored milk?


That piggy cracks me up. I took the kids to a fair last weekend and in between the huge doughnut and the cotton candy we checked out the livestock. If only I could lie in bed sleeping while taking care of the fam. Being a piggy can’t be that bad, right?

Jake has pneumonia and 3 of 5 children have pneumonia.5 (AKA: walking pneumonia). The tiniest of them all scared me the other night when I checked on her and found that she had coughed up some blood. Bright red blood on white sheets can be scary.

But everyone is on the mend. So no worrying, ‘kay?

I have too many ideas and most of them don’t even get started. At night after everyone is in bed I’m too tired. My oomph isn’t so oomph-y anymore and I think in a Scarlett O’Hara kind of way (“tomorrow IS another day…”). But tomorrow never has any extra alone time hours. So my list gets longer. I mostly have stopped writing things down to do because it’s a little depressing when I have high hopes and end up with cold cereal for dinner.

If I were a piggy I bet I could paint while I fed the fam.


Jeni said...

If only I could be a little piggy for only a day. I guess that's why I'm looking forward to my postnatal hospital stay. An entire 24 hours being waited on and taken care of while I concentrate on my newest little piglet. I too have a list that gets longer and longer every day (thanks entirely to all the creative blogs I watch on google reader). I committed to making two of my kids costumes this year and there are so many fun holiday things I want to make, but with 11 days until #4 arrives I just have to come back to reality and cross things off my list undone. Thus is motherhood.

mindy said...

sending you some oomph and some well wishes for your little piggies. xoxo

Anonymous said...

that picture is too cute. was it the deerfield fair? we skipped the pigs for some reason.
i sure hope you find oomph and the peace you need!!
xo and smiles~ jill

Abby said...

I get it. I so get it. And it would just be a bonus if my kids made a cute stripey pattern while they all received nourishment simultaneously from my sleeping self.
You are most definitely not alone in this one...I have such good intentions.
Ha! I just typed this while feeding my own wee piglet :)