Wednesday, October 6, 2010

half full.

My boy is nine.

birthday boy

Nine years of happy.

Nine years of energy.

Nine years of blondie blue eyed bliss.

Nine years of someone teaching me how to be an optimist.

Nine years of someone looking, searching and praying for fun.
Fun rubs off on you.

happy birthday to you
happy birthday

Nine years is a lot of ups and downs.

A lot of lessons for a mom to learn.

A lot of hugs and kisses to give and receive.

creep cakes

I am one lucky person: you are mine.

Happy birthday, beautiful son.

(I would pick you every time.)


Anonymous said...

you both are very lucky to have each other!! i'm sure he'd pick you for a mom every time too!!
xo and smiles~ jill

Monica Soeldner said... your beautiful words and photos! and love the cupcakes too!

Abby said...

I've always thought he looked like lots of fun. And those cupcakes are awesome. What a fun mom! What a lucky boy!

maya said...

aloha, lovely britt. i'm so loving getting to know these little ones. 9! sweet!! mine goes that way in 2 weeks. look at those cupcakes, you crazy lady. i really, really need to pick up one of your pieces as an example - creating beauty in the midst of it all! each one feels so different from the rest, it's moving. i think of you a bit, every day. xo, maya

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