Saturday, December 11, 2010


I found this video on my iPhone the other day while the kids were at school.  Go ahead, push play--it's only 19 seconds long.

Sometimes I find random stuff around the house belonging to the little people I live with and it makes me laugh.  Usually when it has to do with my son, it is pretty entertaining.  I found this comic and I couldn't decide if I felt like laughing or crying...

why them?  It's always them.  I don't like to fight them.  I like them.  Not hate them.

In the Science section of his Christmas list (I didn't know they had even made Christmas lists!  And adding "sections" is a brilliant idea...I should do a list with sections:  around the house; in the kitchen, for my closet; for my entertainment; beautifying me; hobbies...) I noticed an interesting Christmas wish:

ies.high voltage

Yes.  On the bottom there it reads: high voltage security system for my room. 

I wonder if that would be for protecting his valuables from random burglars or for keeping his sisters out? 

Now that I'm contemplating it, I don't blame him.  In the past week, kitty litter has been brought into his room by the handful on several occasions.  And that's just gross.


vivienne said...

that video has me smiling so wide!

Emma Jo said...

Kids and their stuff does make me laugh. What a funny boy.
(I was laughing at the video too and appreciating the background our house, there would most likely be someone yelling at someone else for who knows what.)

Beth Nicholls said...

Oh my goodness, the science Christmas list just made me laugh out loud. Thank you so much for sharing it!

ANG said...

HA HA!!! Did he have a headache after making that video? I can totally relate to the semi-violent but hilarious drawings (I have a son about that age) and to the high voltage secruity sIstem request. If we didn't live like 8 thousand miles away yours and mine would definitely hit it off. Oh my. :)

Mikael said...

so funny! Love the video clip and LOVE the lists. He sounds like Brock did when he was a kid.. brock actually made a "security system" for his own room. I remember i was scared that the alarm would go off I never entered... now I am wondering if it was actually real....