Monday, December 6, 2010

calendars for sale

Hello friends,

I made myself and a few family members calendars last year and I loved mine so much that I just ordered new ones for 2011.  I know, I'm running a little late; there are only 25 days until the new year!  But I thought I'd print a few extra just in case any of you would like to order one.

The wall calendars are professionally printed with a spiral binding.  They are nice and simple and pretty.  I decided to make two versions this year.

Calendar 2011
calendar images 2011

click here if you want to see the images individually.

Calendar 2011::The Foodie Edition

calendar images::the foodie edition

Click here if you would like to see these images individually.

They are for sale at my etsy shop...there aren't very many, so grab one fast!



Fritzi Marie said...

Oh my...we have been on the hunt for a new calandar. There are so many to choose from and now we have found yours. We are too excited about it and we'll be ordering soon.

love love,
Kitty and Dan

Steph said...

These are beautiful Brittany!

Karynne said...

A food calendar...that sounds dangerous, but looks DELICIOUS!!!!

Merrilee said...

Is there enough room to write 5 things on one day?! What are the measurements of the calenday? Love the photos.

brittany said...

thanks guys:)

Merrilee: I know, right? Life is crazy. I just measured--the pages are 8 1/2 x 11 and the little squares that you write stuff in are a bit less than 1 1/2 inches, almost square, but not quite. It's what I've been using and you have to write small, but to get a month at a time you can't get much bigger without having a super-duper sized calendar;)

love you!