Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love my instagram app

Snow day
me and my littlest girl in the snow

There is always a lot going on around here.  But now it's March.  And  I'm starting to remember that every March I start to come alive again out of my winter's hibernation.

I realize that I've been a stranger around here, so I'm going to post a bunch of pictures from the past week or so. They are from my instagram app (which I deleted the first time I downloaded it, but now I see the vision;).

Reading to her little sisters
Reading to two of her little sisters before bed

Light is changing: spring is on it's way
The light is changing: the sun was going down way to the left of this window and behind a big pine tree that blocked its light.  But now it has shifted and that time of day stirs something inside me.  Something good.  I notice it every spring and get so excited that the days are getting longer.

Fresh tastes good
fresh tastes good

nest: a place of retreat , rest, or lodging's true, that spot feels like that.
Pink hair
Watercolor painting.  It's the last craze.  That hair really is pink.  Just for fun.

Waiting for the bus
waiting for the bus



Emma Jo said...

I love the pictures. They have an instantly vintagey and homey flavor. Everything looks so cozy and wonderful. And that sun, I love the sun.

S.C.M. said...


Love the pictures!

Is the app used on an iPhone??

I can't wait for winter to go away, It snowed yesterday :(

Brittany said...

i love these :)
you seem like quite the cool mommy.

Leah said...

Yes, there is something hopeful, or sort of "survival" feeling that comes over you come March.
Great shots, I especically love the one with your little girl in the tree, beautiful and laugh out loud funny.
Could you explain this app?
Is it an iphone thing?
Hubby is getting a ipad from work I have a chance at it?
Your "whatever and stuff" always inspire

brittany said...

it's an app for my iphone. I assume that you could use it on ipad as long as you can take a picture. The first time I downloaded the app I didn't get how to use it, but recently my sister walked me through it. It's much more fun when you "do it" with someone you know. You take a picture (it can be one that you take right then or one from your camera roll) and share it. Then anyone who is following you gets it in real time. it's kind of like facebook but with all pictures. You also have the choice of sharing the instagrams on facebook or twitter or flickr and several others that I didn't pay attention to because I don't use them;) I'm such a visual girl that I love the picture thing. Plus I only follow a few people, so it feels personal.

does that explain it better?

Leah said...

Got it!
Though from what you explained not sure it is designed for ipad.
But between my blog, fb, and shutterfly, not sure if I really need ANOTHER social network.