Tuesday, February 22, 2011

post cards to my long lost friends

Dear Motivation,

Wish you were here,




Dear Exercise,

I miss you so much. Sometimes when I’m driving I see people running and it makes me think of the fond memories I have of our times together. I need your endorphins. I also miss the extra energy that strangely comes from starting your day with expending energy you didn’t know you had to begin with. It’s like a little mystery we can solve together in the future.

I do believe we’ll be together again someday.




Dear Escape,

I keep trying to find you. Then just when I’m headed toward you, reality kicks my backside. I daydream about you. Don’t get me wrong, Escape, I love my reality (sometimes), but when I girl is deprived of you it’s like forcing her to walk through an endless winter with no hope of Spring. It can get a little frightening.

I hope all is well with you,



b_maria_why said...

i know exactly what your feeling with motivation and escape. i feel your pain. <3
i have yet to abandon exercise although it's definitely slowed down. i recommend hula-hooping. it's fun and your children can do it with you and/or be amazed that mommy's doing it.
hang in. <3

Mikael said...

I am so with you, especually with the exersize. Usually I am so good at it, I am usually the best dieter and so motivated... well, what happened to me? I have 10 extra lbs stuck on my thighs and I keep eating cookies and neglect the treadmill... ?? maybe oneday I will get back there.
And as far as escape, editing my pictures is the only mindless escape I get for now, hey, it works!

Miss ya, hang in there.

Steph said...

I love these Brittany. I feel the same way.

Hugs to you,

kaly said...

I love how succinctly you summarize these. This could have been me from October to January - first trimester and all that... but I'm now thanking those nesting feelings as I finally feel like getting things done! Even exercise!

It'll come around. Focus on it and it will come back to you!

Leah said...

Great post.
A really creative and simple summery of describing the feelings of busy moms in the winter.
On down days I try to tell myself: "to everything there is a season"
But that does not always do the trick does it?


Kylee Jo; said...

I feel like winter will never come! But I know how you fee. I wish I could just jog off every problem!

Veera said...

Loved this post. So funny and true! Spring is coming and how much sweeter it will be after a winter like this one!