Sunday, April 17, 2011

destroying the evidence


I am a primary teacher for the 8-12 year-old girls in church.  When everyone was all together  for sharing time, they were discussing sin and how we get tangled up trying to lie about it or cover it up instead of just admitting to it and saying we're sorry.  They were having an object lesson about the atonement. 

The kids were talking about things they cover up in order to avoid punishment.  They obviously had a lot of experience making it look like they hadn't eaten cookies when they had been sneaking them and they were giving up all thier secrets about hiding the evidence.

"Wipe the crumbs off the counter."

"If you are getting it from a cooling rack you can rearrange the cookies so it doesn't look like one is gone."

Then my son raises his hand and says:
I have one! 
Mop up the blood and hide the body.


b_maria_why said...

oh my...HILARIOUS!!!

Krista said...

First of all Hilarious. Secondly are we raising the same children a generation apart? They are so much alike- this picture even looks like Krew!

Kara said...

He does look like Krew! Crazy funny story, and my kind of guys!