Saturday, April 9, 2011



Sweet Pea,

I hope you could feel all.the.LOVE. on your birthday.  I wanted to celebrate you big time.

You are an incredible person.  You came into my life like a whirlwind and I haven't stopped spinning since.  Arms out, looking up, skirt flying, a smile on my face and you right next to me.  You make my life interesting.  You make me a better person.  You are like my personal muse always spurring me to search harder, look closer, find beauty. 

We describe you as intense and feisty and I think it's a good thing.  You show us all how to live with passion. 

I wish I could bottle up my love for you to keep in your pocket. Then in those hard moments when you feel bad about whatever it might be, you could take it out and uncork it and know without a doubt that it will all be okay.  That there is nothing wrong with you.  That you are strong and beautiful and smart.  That you are divine.  That the answers will come.  That you are so incredibly loved.

I bet this year will be the best one yet.  After all, seven and eleven rhyme.

Love always,





Birthday cake



b_maria_why said...

look at that cake--it's epic! <3 i hope her birthday was glorious!

Leah said...

what a sweet love letter to your made me tear up.