Thursday, June 16, 2011

the light ahead

the light ahead: original painting, acryilic on stretched canvas, 6 x 6, for sale here

Today was one of those days.  It had good and bad. 

this is what the after-school equation looked like:

  field day
  92 degree weather
  school is almost out
big, big freak outs

When one goes down like that you know how it effects the whole.

After the dust had settled and bellies were full and babies were in bed, I decided it would be a good time to run an errand.  So I took my tired sticky body and put it in the car and as I pulled away the same thing happened that always happens:


She ran as fast as she could alongside of me as I slowly drove away.  I watched as the smile spread on her face.  The sun shone from behind lighting up her hair and as she got to the edge of the property I looked in my review mirror and she stopped and cupped her mouth and shouted, "I love you SO MUCH!"  Her hand thrown high in the "i love you" sign.

And after I shouted the appropriate response I promptly prayed that I would not forget.  Too many moments have left my brain and I don't want that one to flitter away into the void. When I'm old and grey and my life is falling away from me, one of the things I want to remember is my child, happy and full of love with the sunlight kissing her head and possiblity holding her hand.

This path we're on has good and bad every day.

I will search for the beauty.

I will remember the joy.

I will let the bad teach me its lessons and stand taller as I let it take its place in the void, activly seeking the good all around me. 

There is always a light ahead of us with the promise of joy and peace and I am drawn to it with love in my heart.


Jill said...

a beautiful story.
a heart-warming picture.
a great reminder to take it all in stride and seek 'the promise of joy'.
thank you.

Kirsten Michelle said...

i love everything about this...
and you.

Candice Renee Photography said...

Love this you beautiful soul you.

Jeni said...

Happy tears. That was just what I needed to read at this very moment.

marybeth bonfiglio said...

beeeeeaaaaauuuutiful. love.

manyslices said...

So very, very true.
What a talent you have to express with words, and painting your life experiences.
Life with children is comprised of so much good and bad...light and shadow.
I find myself just wanting serene gray...but I guess that is not reality, nor would that be what I would need or even like anyway.
Great post.

Dallas and Krista said...

My favorite post of yours ever. Ever.