Tuesday, June 7, 2011


taking a break from it all

 Lately all the extra stuff is being stripped away layer by layer.  Not in an intentional way, but life is just flying by so fast and as I’m running to keep up I’ll have this moment of clarity.  Like an out of body experience.  Or like I can suddenly say “STOP” and look at everything in all its imperfection and see it for what it is:  beautiful, messy life.


The message I keep getting is: LOVE

It sounds so cliché: live in the moment, love is all that matters, yada yada yada…

But it’s not cliché when I feel frustrated one second and then I hear a tiny two year old voice singing perfectly on pitch and am overcome with how lucky I am. It’s not just the same old, same old when I am worried and anxious and make the decision to stop and pay attention. And then I suddenly SEE. And I feel so blessed and loved and watched over.

breaking in the sprinkler

she doesn't like the sprinkler

Life has good and bad.  Every relationship has ups and downs.  People have strengths and weaknesses.  Sometimes we are happy and excited and sometimes we struggle to get to the next minute.  But there is a purpose to it all and I am so glad that we have the opportunity to search deep down and figure it all out as individuals. 

throwing leaves in and watching them float away



I am reminded lately that my role of mother is so sacred.  I have the responsibility to give love to these amazing souls and make sure they are well taken care of.  I get so frustrated with myself when I mess it all up with being so human that I loose focus.  But they are so forgiving and I learn so much from being around them.  I love being a mother. 

Happy Memorial Day!


Brittany said...

i find your posts very uplifting. thank you. <3

jill nalette said...

a truly beautiful post, brittany!!
BIG hugs + smiles~ jill

Shannon Gish said...


Emma Jo said...

A perfectly beautiful message for me this week. Thank you.

ANG said...

Yeah for Britt! & Amen.

manyslices said...

It is really refreshing to hear another woman speak honestly about life, and affirm how important mothering is, and what a blessing children are...despite all the "other".