Thursday, July 14, 2011

backyard picking


The blueberries are getting ripe.

back yard pickin

I keep finding them out there pickin away.

only pick the BLUE ones

We had to teach her about the BLUE ones.



peaches n blueberries

Hope you're having a great summer!



jill nalette said...

YUMMY!! the one of many reasons i love summer...the fruit!
hope all is well!
love, hugs + smiles~ jill

B. said...

i get absolutely despondent in the winter for the lack of fresh fruit. summer is heavenly!

Emma Jo said...

Oh, yum.

Shannon Gish said...

Fresh off the vine, picked from bush,or pulled from the ground... best flavor ever.

Sue said...

I just learned how to make blueberry jam last Saturday, believe it or not, and I can't believe how easy it is and that I've never learned before! Enjoy your blueberries, one of the best fruits in my opinion!