Tuesday, July 5, 2011

chicky chicky boomba


lots of bruises + swimmers ear= love

That's right.  Love.

Last week I was a leader at Girls Camp for my church and it was so. much. fun.  Lots of work, but a different kind of work than I do every day.  It was so rewarding and the GIRLS!  These girls are so strong and good and I love being around them. 


Polar swim: 1 mile
polar swim: 1 mile (two mornings in a row. because I love me a lake.)

I loved being in the woods and on a lake. I loved being focused on strengthening relationships, whether it was with my daughter (her first year at camp! milestone.), the other girls, the women or my personal relationship with God.


Who knew that walking around in the woods and singing crazy songs and truckin it to the latrine in the middle of the night would be so fulfilling? 

Me, silly!  That's why I went!  Love, love, love.



B. said...

this definitely makes me want to do something similar one day. looks so satisfying and fun!

Shannon Gish said...

You and Liz were UH.MAY.ZING (emphasis on the zing!) Big Hugs.

Mama Coons said...

Just visiting Britt, I haven't be blog stalking since March! I miss you, I love the video of Jane.

jill nalette said...

sweet and gorgeous photo's! i'm happy all is going well for you!

BIG hugs and smiles~ jill

Merrilee said...

I have gone to girls camp as a camper or a leader for over 30 years. It is the highlight of my summer! It's a time to be that silly inner child, appreciate the beauty of nature and soak up all the spiritual moments possible while taking those young women right along with you. Never give up that tradition, it will keep you strong. You rock!

Jaime said...

My Girls' Camp memories are inseparably connected to the Reeve girls.

When I arrived at camp as an eager but nervous twelve-year-old, there you were--the very first person I met.

And now, anytime the song "Get Your Elbows Off the Table" gets stuck in my head---and sadly enough, it very often does---your name is always the one I fill into the lyrics. Perhaps it is because your name had the perfect number of syllables, but more importantly, it was your smile as you ran around the table that made me look up to you, and admire your confidence.

So glad you got to go to Girls' Camp this year. I am sure you made it magical for them.