Tuesday, October 18, 2011

stuff I’ve been re-learning this week:

take the time to meditate and ponder

take the time to journal



hold your tongue

make time to feel the joy that comes from the every-day


Found the cutest note-to-self in my 2nd grader's backpack.


bake something when you need comfort

I love the autumn air

little bums are for patting and squeezing

Daddy's home!

I love the temple

breathe.  then breathe slower and deeper.

peach freezer jam tastes like my delicious childhood

peach freezer jam


Candice Renee Photography said...

Hold your tongue- I relearn this one a lot. A lot a lot. Love the photos- love the patting bum. Miss you! Xoxo

ANG said...

I have to read your blog more often - because I'm not art-sy but I wish I was. And because I KNOW what you mean, and I think all that stuff too. It helps me. Thanks. Love, Ang

Amy said...

Just what I needed to read today. these are things I need to pay attention to and enjoy, as well. The statement "i love the temple" was especially powerful for me. Although this is a very new part of my life, it's something i'm really working on and something i feel so blessed to be part of. your simple statement made me reflect that, even though its new to me, I, too, love the temple.

Thanks for sharing all of this.


vanessa said...

oh yes, I needed to read that tonight.

Kara said...

Will you teach me how to make that peach freezer jam? I want to start making it. I also want to start freezing and jarring everything I see and touch. Can you show me how to do that too?? I know the internet will tell me, but I want my sister to show me! Maybe you could come over sometime, while the kids are in school and we could do it together?

I miss you.

Suzie Petunia said...

Apparently I've needed a lot of comfort lately, because I've been baking like crazy! And my clothes don't fit very well as a result. :/

manyslices said...

Such beautiful photographs and sentiments. I don't think we ever totally learn these things. They are treasures of truth that we keep unwrapping, forget about, and unwrap again when we loose our way.
Love that little note...so precious.