Monday, January 30, 2012

14 things I learned in New York this weekend and 6 things I already knew

NYC morning

1. SCBWI is a really hard name to say or spell or explain. And it’s really long, too. But it’s something one just learns to accept.

2. When attending a weekend conference, one does not have enough time to explore.

Good morning, New York.

3. I don’t feel bad when ice skating in Rockefeller center my arms whip up and back as I fall, poking a girl in the eye. It is obviously a service on the sly since it allows her to milk it for all its worth as she and her beau and stand in the middle of the ice with people gliding around and round as they have a romantic moment, twinkle lights and flags of the world and sky scrapers encircling them on the starry night.

Rockefeller center

4. It’s worth it to be spontaneous.

5. It is worth it to treat yourself to a good breakfast.

It's important to treat yourself to a good breakfast.

6. Having a horrible sense of direction in a city equals lots of exercise. (Wear shoes that fit, Britt.)

7. I feel no guilt when it comes to taking advantage of having bakeries at every corner. (Especially coupled with my aforementioned sense of direction.)

8. I didn’t get the stomach bug after taking care of puking kids all week = miracles are still happening in the world.


9. Less is more when it comes to carrying stuff around in the city.

10. Sometimes you need to do something just because it sounds like a good idea.

11. I do feel bad when I’m running for a bus in China town on what happens to be the Chinese new year and my suitcase runs over a mom’s toe and as she stops to rub her toe with one hand and holds her child’s hand with the other, all I can do is turn and say, “I’m sorry!!” wishing I new how to say it in Chinese then turn back to keep on running.

12. My 12 year old is a great babysitter.

13. People can be really inspiring.  (Well, I already knew that.)

I was inspired by his talk

14. When I stop and look straight up to the top of a building, the clouds move so fast compared to the grounded and still building and it makes me dizzy.  Almost dizzy enough to fall over right in front of the speeding taxis and the carts full of warm, sweet nuts.

I looked up and the clouds seemed to be whirling past so fast that it made me dizzy I almost fell over right there with the cabs warm nuts.

6 things I re-learned upon my arrival home

1. I love my family. Love and adore.

2. I need a new mattress. Badly.

3. I’m really allergic to cats.

4. I love books.

5. Having great girlfriends is so important! Thanks, Kirsti, for such a great weekend.

6. I am really thankful for a patient and supportive husband who happens to be a great dad, too. Thanks for knowing what I need and giving it to me, babe.


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brittany said...

Wow, thanks Kevin21. That was...umm...informative. (whaaaaa?)

Shannon Gish said...

I want to hear about meeting my teen-age dream boat The Fonz!

Dallas and Krista said...

love this. i want to go there with you so badly! and... you've been talking about a new mattress for YEARS now... go get one already! It literally will change your life.

Anonymous said...

I love NY. :) I want to go there someday. It is my dream..
You have a very interesting blog. Observed :)

Rebecca =) said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, but love it! Sounds like you went to the SCBWI conference? I'm a member, but was not able to attend. Sounds like you had a great time! =)