Monday, March 12, 2012


A while back, I told my seven year old to document a family birthday party with her Instax. Later, I saw a pile of little pictures. It was adorable. But I had to have a little chat with her about privacy. (That’s saying something since I seem to have an obvious lack of the sense of privacy myself.)
on the potty
I know that there has been an obvious lack of something else around here. (That would be me, writing on my blog.) I’ve been trying to decide whether to even address it or not. But I’ll just keep it really simple: The third year in the life of a mother of twins is harder than the first year in my humble opinion. Who knew? Maybe the other twin moms? I understand not wanting to scare the new twin moms, but there you have it. Maybe if you expect it, it won’t be quite so hard.

Anyway, my inclination is that I really want to write everything down that I haven’t had time to. But that just stops me in my tracks because it’s too grand a task for one like me.

So let’s just pretend that we’re all caught up, shall we?

I’ve missed you, friends!


Emma Jo said...


My name is Lauren said...

Love the pic!
Year Three was a tough one, but not as tough as Year One, IMO. So, not every twin mom feels the same. I'm sure once summer is here, things will get a bit easier.
BTW, Year Five is awesome!!

Mrs. Ballard said...

My entire focus in their first year was to get through it so we could have 2 and 3 year olds and life would be easier... I don't know why I thought it would be easier but honestly, I'm still waiting!!

Paige said...

My twins are 9. It rocks. Every year from now it will get easier. But you know that because you have a million other kids. I still dress my 3 girls in matching outfits for church. They hate it. But Sunday is MY DAY, darnit. Other than that you would not know the big ones are twins, except it's a tiny bit easier because they will at least always be on the same schedule- and fighting over sweatshirts, underwear, jeans, etc. Your trip to Grand Cayman is awesome! You are lucky to have your Dad, sure, but he is lucky that you guys are willing to go away and play with him! I just got back from 3 days of skiing with my dad and my kids and yes, it was fun but being with an old guy isn't always easy. His $, your awesome company. Win/win! Glad you enjoyed it.

Dallas and Krista said...

I wrote a very similar post about a week ago. But alas, I have no twins as an excuse- more just laziness i suppose.

xianfern said...

I hadn't read this until now..funny that we talked about this when I saw you was great to see you btw! And I meant what I said when we need to get all these twins together! xoxo

canvas wall art said...

Sounds interesting, glad everything is going well!