Tuesday, March 13, 2012

white sand, blue water

De sea.

We went to Grand Cayman over winter break.  It took a lot of organizing and at the last minute I decided I didn't have room/muscle to carry on my nice camera.  As soon as I walked to the front door of our home for the week, I regretted it.  There was so much color and depth that I knew I wouldn't be able to try and get with my iPhone camera.  There were occasional moments of regret about it through the week, but for the most part, I just tried to focus on being there in the moment and soaking it all in.

These are some of the pictures I took and posted on instagram...

Swim time

We arrived and were met by our concierge who gave us keys and a tour.  The adults were still getting organized, but not five minutes after we walked in the front door I heard splashes and squeals.  I looked out the back door and the kids were already swimming; I took this picture (above).  Their travel clothes had been stripped and flung hither and thither.

Sweet ride.

We wouldn't have had a trip at all, were it not for my loving dad.  He, who I recently learned has the love language of quality time, spoiled us rotten.  He insisted on cooking and cleaning all our meals, too.

Local wildlife. (grand cayman)

Local wildlife: chicken and iguanas.  They were everywhere!  Kind of like crows and squirrels where I live.

Choosing favorites

We had use of all the Ritz Carlton amenities.  So every day, we hopped on our golf carts and made a happy little trip to the big pools and the beach.  To get there, we walked through this long hallway, filled with art, that passed over the cars below. (When I told the kids we were walking over a busy street toward the end of the week, they couldn't believe it!) We enjoyed choosing favorites, which changed throughout the week.  I have to say that the art that captured most of our attention and adoration were the sculptures by Avril Ward.  (click here to see some of her delightful and inspiring sculptures)

Lunch by the pool.
lunch by the pool

Chasing a baby iguana
chasing a baby iguana

She's got a good eye for souvenirs. (that cute dress came from a craft fair down the street.)


Feeling blessed and lucky

As I was driving my golf cart back after some time at the spa, the sun was setting and I was overcome by how blessed and lucky I am.  Questions filled my head.  Then answers came quietly, along with the desire to help people I come into contact with know that they are seen and heard. That they matter and are important enough to feel blessed and lucky, too.

I'm on a horse.

I'm on a horse.



Shelley said...

What a wonderful and beautiful trip. And a great dad too.

Emma Jo said...

Heavenly. And I just about died laughing when you said "I'm on a horse". Classic.

My name is Lauren said...

Oh man. That looks heavenly!

Wendy said...

LUCKY! Why can't D.R. be my dad?? He rocks! I think one of his love languages is service - just sayin, since he cooked and cleaned up all your meals. Why haven't we talked forever lil friend? I think about you all the time. Lets chat soon kay?

cheap canvas art said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, what a lovely place too! Hope you're well!