Thursday, April 26, 2012

hello spring break


At the end of winter I have become accustom to the dreary grey days and the stark look of the land.  Then one day the light starts to come through the windows at an angle that illuminates part of the house that had previously been in darkness.  The kitchen cabinets glow with the warmth of the promise of the renewal of nature.  The first flowers suddenly appear in the cold ground and like taking my first breath, I feel alive again.  I feel comfort in the knowing.  Then somewhere in between the cooking of dinner and the hustle of readying little elves for school, the grass is green and the bees are buzzing, claiming the pollen from bloom to bloom.




Mama Coons said...

I love you Brooke. You are an amazing mother,and an inspiration to me. Enjoy the good weather. I am spoiled by the great No. Cal weather, too old to change. But my ancestor;s all started where you are...coming from England I guess they were used to grey days...but the joy of the season change is even more poignant!!! Hang in there, paint, take photos, enjoy this time of your life. Love, Sister Coons

Mama Coons said...

Brittany, I can't believe that I called you Brooke! What a space case I am. I must have been in one of my Pain days...I hope or I'm loosing it. I know You and I Love YOU!!!!