Thursday, February 7, 2013

the conciousness of home

Brisk & lovely

Last weekend two of my girlfriends and I went to New York City for a conference.  While we were in the city, we were among a constant throng of people and things made by people.  We were walking on pavement and tile, through hallways of polished marble and rough concrete.  We were walking among artists and engineers, writers and taxi drivers.  We were surrounded by a million energies. 
NYC Public Library

Nature is part of me and I have a hard time if I’m not connected to the earth.  But I could look up through the tunnel of stationary buildings and see the sky, alive with color, clouds sweeping past and leaving me dizzy. 
Bookish girls

The weekend was such an incredible experience for me.  Not only was it inspiring and motivating because I was at a conference with authors and illustrators who are at the top of the game, but I was with two women who are spiritual beacons in my life.  Art and spirituality go together naturally within myself and tend to be done alone.  They can be isolating, but not in a negative way, in a concentrating-on-growth kind of way.  When I am growing spiritually, I am going inward.  I am private with things that are important to me.  Especially when I don’t know if the people around me feel the same as I do.  I’m not looking for approval or debates or proof, I’m searching for personal and universal truths that can be taken on faith.  My prayers are private.  My conversations with God take place Spirit to Spirit.  My answers to prayer are not seen or heard by others, unless I am the one putting them into words.

But this weekend there was constant discussion.  There were prayers spoken aloud and accepted as a group.  The depth of consciousness that was being shared brought a sharp joy that has stayed with me for days.
Goodbye NYC. #nyc #nofilter
As we drove away from the city, the enormity of the skyline became smaller and smaller until the buildings became something tiny, reaching for the glory that cannot be tamed.  All at once I saw that something that had been engulfing me, an entire city, was nothing in comparison with something that was not made by human hands.  All that was left was the inspiration growing and steeping inside my soul and a feeling of gratefulness that someone as insignificant as I can be intertwined with God and Man alike.  Divinity and humanity surround us constantly and we get to call it Home.


Brittany said...

i love this post. that last sentence blew my mind a little bit with its truth. i'm glad you got to have this experience.

calibosmom said...

Very well said!

Kyle said...

Such a wonderful post! That last picture is breathtaking, but what it represents to you is even more so.

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