Sunday, October 22, 2006


I feel a little down on myself lately. You know how that happens from time to time? So at the risk of sounding vain, I’m making a list of good things about ME.

I’m good at baking. I’m not the best baker there ever was, but I can make some good oatmeal bread (amongst the various other good things I bake).

I have a good marriage. A good marriage takes a lot of work and nurturing. I’m good at nurturing—it comes naturally. Work, I have to work at, but I’m still good at it.

I’m good at knowing where and how to find peace. Not all people are peace-seekers, but I am one, and I’m good at it.

I’m good at singing good and loud to good music…when no one is listening.

I’m pretty creative. I know how to make things look good, whether it’s hair, or a mantle or a scrapbook page. I’m good at it, and I’m glad, because that’s one thing I love doing more than just about anything else.

I’ve got a good smile. People tell me that all the time, and it’s a nice compliment, and I’ll accept that today.

I’m surprised at how hard that was! But I did a good job at not mentioning all the exceptions and all the things I’m not good at. That’s going to have to be good enough.

What are you good at? I’m aching to know.


Anonymous said...

I am an expert diaper changer. I kiss boo-boos and magically make them "all better". And my hugs are the bomb diggity.


b/sistersshoes said...

Brittany~ this was a pleasant take on the prompt. GOOD for you :)

~I am good at listening and 'hearing' what is not said in between the lines.

In this post I hear bliss!

beautiful hugalishous you
xxx Darlene

dinidanny said...

We can be so hard on ourselves. Good for you for being able to list so many! I'm good at making up bedtime stories for my kids. I'm also good at baking and of course I'm also good at eating what I bake. :)

Anonymous said...

bravo! we should spend more time thinking good thought about ourselves...and you have a beautiful smile!

Jessie said...

i love your list. it made me smile. :)

Bohemian Girl said...

you're good at making people feel loved here in bloggie world.

xoxox glad you meditated on your goodness when feeling a bit down.

Jessa said...

You are great at making homemade halloween ghost costumes!!!!

And sharing your comforting words with friends........


Abby said...

You are good at blogging too!

Left-handed Trees... said...

You also take a mighty fine picture, did you mention that? I am good at remaining open-minded no matter what...very thought-provoking.

brittany said...

thanks, girlies! Ya'll make me feel mighty good.

Krista said...

You are a good sister. And that's not always easy to be. But you are always a good sister. And I am lucky enough that I got you. I am good at details. You know how much I adore them! I loved this post.