Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have been tagged a couple of times to do memes, so I’m catching up. I recently did one of these that is similar (but since I love me some Wendy, I’m fulfilling my tagging responsibilities), so if you’re tired of hearing about ME, me, me, then you have my full permission to move on to your next blog for the day.
crab apple tree in early October
7 Interesting (that’s debatable!) Things About Me

-I took English Horseback Riding lessons when I was younger. You know, with the black helmet and the riding pants and the boots to the knees. I learned to jump hurtles with the horse and only fell off once. When I landed I had a handful of the horse’s hair in my fist. Pobre cita.

-I can sing the melody to songs pretty naturally. I cannot for the life of me sing harmony. I have to learn it note by note and then concentrate very hard so that I don’t start singing the melody all over again.

-The last time I gave blood I passed out.

-While my mom was here, we were witnesses to a hit and run! While we were working in my friend’s field, some guy ran over a couple mailboxes and a huge rock and then went through someone’s fence where some horses were grazing. I called 9-1-1 immediately because I thought he was hurt. Then suddenly he looked around, started his car, and threw his {badly beaten up} car into reverse and rammed through the fence again and swerved into the street, hitting another mailbox and metal pole on the way. This all happened while I was on the phone! My mom ran for it, because she thought he was going to run over her. So I told them (9-1-1) that he was headed north on route ___ toward route ___ and that he couldn’t go too fast since he had two flat tires…and they caught him! Turns out that *allegedly* he has a long record of stuff like this and he was drunk…at 10:30 in the morning.

-I was in advanced anatomy and physiology in high school and dissected a cat throughout the year. I would bring him home in a plastic bag filled with my dead cat and a little formaldehyde and study tissues and muscles, etc.

-I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme donut. (is that how you spell it?)

-Ive pretty much given up TV. I don’t know how it started, but I have mostly lost my desire to watch junk and have become much pickier about what I expose myself to. But I do have one show that I have been watching online: Pushing Daisies. I love it! If you haven’t seen it, go here and push “launch player” and you can watch full episodes online for free. It’s bright (the colors and the costumes) and has a dark humor that I find hilarious and there is an interesting love story going on. It is ridiculous and crazy but somehow believable (in a storybook kind of way) and extremely entertaining. The characters grow on you, although I loved them immediately.


Sweet Mindy tagged me with this one:
5 things I want to be when I grow up…

I want to be a wise and happy woman who has an incredible marriage.

I want to be a writer/artist/photographer/designer/potter/metal smith….I want to know how to make anything and everything and fill books and imaginations.

I want to be a world traveler.

I want to be a humanitarian.

I want to be able to apparate.

I have tagged many people in the past who get annoyed, so if you're not the annoyed-by-being-tagged-type-of-blogger, consider yourself tagged by me. but please make sure to leave a comment so that that I can go read about you:) Seriously. TAG. You're it!


andrea said...

britt- what a co-ink... i have given up all tv aside from sports and pushing daisies as well! we watched it last night, and i told skip it's such an off show, i should find it ridiculous, but i find it entertaining. no smut, no real violence, and lots of quirkiness. and pie. mmmmm... anyway. i am a reformed drama junkie, i used to have a drama every night that i couldn't miss. this is so much better. there are so many other things to do! so- yay us!

Dini said...

I would never get tired of learning more about you. I've never had a Krispy Kreme donut either. Probably because Dunkin' Donuts is everywhere.

Celia Fae said...

Dunkins are superior to Kremes. You aren't missing anything.

I can't watch tv anymore either. I'm too busy living or blogging about it. I can catch up when I am old.

Wendy said...

So I learned so many things about my little friend that I didn't even know. And just think, I thought I knew it all. I had no idea that you took horseback riding lessons. Why didn't you ever tell me?? I can't believe you witnessed a hit and run and I'm so glad that they caught all because of you. Just think if you didn't have your cell phone with you. And I'm sure I knew that you took your dead cat home but I totally forgot. That's just sick. And wrong. And good for you for giving up TV. You know I've been there lately too it just seems like its all crap and I only get 5 channels.

Kara said...

"Crazy drunk driver" -Homeless dude in Back to the Future! I love reading your blog even if I don't learn anything new at all!

Anonymous said...

NO KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS! You must come out here and visit me and I will personally drive you to doughnut HEAVEN. I'm tellin' you, when you get those suckers hot from the oven, they are delicioso.


emma jo said...

What a neat person you are.
We went to high school with the lead of Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace (does that make us next to famous? not are still neat.)

WonderGirl said...

Just letting you know that Pushing Daisies is the single best show out there ;)


Colorsonmymind said...

That is why I haven't given blood lately.

Yah you for no tv:)

I LOVE anatomy too. made me major in biology:)

I want those things too.


pink sky said...

let me know how the aparating (aparition?) is going :) loved the halloween pics of you by the way. stephanie would be proud. you'd be a smashing victoria with the red hair and all.

MwH said...

So fun to find your blog. I loved this post. I remember poor "Allie" cat in her bag. That was such a fun class even if Ms. Crowther (sp?) didn't appreciate the fun we were having :). And PS, I love
Pushing Daisies! They have the best chemistry. And I love your photos! You are so talented!! -Mary

brittany said...

Oh, my! Mary, how funny! I almost mentioned you in this post, too! How fun that you would find me here and now. You made that class so much more fun for me!

here's to the best A & P partner one could wish for. Hope you're well:)