Friday, December 26, 2008

good morning, friends

We had a nice Christmas, did you?

I’ve been out of commission ‘round these parts (and let me tell ya, these parts are round). It’s hard to do anything from the laying-on-your-side-position. I have found a way to crochet with the pillows stacked just right, so little blankets have become part of my routine (along with books, and an assortment of the food network, hg tv, tlc, and discovery health). I am trying to keep a happy heart, but my mom (who is visiting) did have to send me to my room the other day for being grumpy with the children. This body doesn’t really like to carry babies, but I have made it to 31 weeks nonetheless. *pat, pat, pat*

To answer your questions, we were out of power for an entire week. Thankfully some lovely friends let us use an extra generator which provided running water, power to the fridge and a furnace to keep us warm. We survived. (We didn’t make popcorn on the wood stove like Kara imagined, but we did make toast, grilled cheese, fish sticks from the freezer and warm up stew among other things upon it’s lovely hot surface.) My beautiful man of the house has turned out to be a super hero. Keeping everything running, working full time, being the Bishop and virtually a single parent, and somehow making it to the hospital to hold my hand and show me love every time I’ve ended up there. He even thinks his only Christmas present from me is great: babies.

At any rate it is hard to update here. It may be easier when I have two infants, I’ll have to let you know which one I prefer—pregnancy or twins:)



Paige said...

The good news is twins is MUCH better than pregnancy! Even after I delivered the first, I felt so much better I was telling the docs the other one can just stay in for a few more weeks!

Mikael said...

31 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! That is awesome! keep trucking along. I, too, hate pregnancy, and it is MUCH better and easier to have the babies, because at least you get to hold them, kiss them, know they are ok, and you get your body back. Even if it is double as hard with twins, it is still SOOOO awesome! Mine just hit 6 months old and I am having a blast. It is strange to say this, but now I am wanting another set :0 just shows how fun they can be
oh, my dad gave me one of your aprons for xmas and I LOVE IT! SOOOO CUTE!!!!! You are awesome

andrea said...

see, you and i have ther reverse problem. pregnancy, labor and delivery is a breeze for me. nary a pain. it's the whole parenting part that throws me... while you are seemingly amazing at it.

if you want some more babies, let me know. i'll bear them for you if you take one of my own along with each one i birth for you.


andrea said...

um, for the record, i do actually love my kids. and you can't take them...

...for longer than four months at a time.

Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

I'm so glad to hear you've made it thru the power outage AND to the 31 week mark. Whew - makes my body ache just thinking to the way your belly must be feeling (let alone the rest of you.) Glad to hear your Mom's been there. So little anyone can relieve you of these days as you are "grounded" to your room, so it's good for kids to get in good quality Grandma time.
I think I was unconsiously (is that spelled right???) inspired by your very creative aprons I get to enjoy every time I come to see your newest update. I work in a fabric store, and my kids LOVE to cook with my husband. So I thought they each needed FUN chefs aprons...but my daughter got a MUCH more interesting apron. I've posted a photo.
I know I haven't been a part of your families lives since we were all "Foxboro-ites" together, but I've been thinking of you daily, wishing I could do SOMETHING for you, your new babies, your family. If ever there is a LONG distance wish list those of us out here could DO for you, or send to you to help out...PLEASE post it!!
Love to you and prayers for your family. Keep cookin' those little angles, and get LOTS of arms around to help take THEIR turns to hold'em for a while ;o).

Suzie Petunia said...

No electricity, on bed rest with twins... I think this could be the start to a good novel.

You are amazing! We are praying for you and the safe delivery of your little ones. NOt too soon, though. Let 'em bake.

Boho Girl said...

31 weeks!!!! are a rockstar my friend.

how many times have you watched Jon & Kate plus 8? hee hee.

i love you.
sending you lots of gentleness during this stressful time.

Tori said...

You are amazing, Britt! I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to be "grounded" for so long. I also can't imagine what it would be like to have two littles inside. The squirming that must occur in your tummy...ouch. Wish I was much closer to help! Love you much!

AnnieB said...

Okay, loved the "round parts" joke. very good chuckle! I love you and I'm so proud of you and my prayers are with you! My twins just turned 8--EIGHT--and I just did a post about them and it made me realize what an incredible journey and blessing it is to have twins. You will be wonderful--you always are! Here's a *pat, pat, pat* from me!

jenica said...

hey beauty.
i will be calling next week. i'm a terrible friend! i'm glad that you're sticking to the bed rest thang, even though it's terribly hard.


Wendy said...

Oh Brit, "This too, shall pass." I always love that little saying when I'm in more...trying times. I'm so glad those babies have stayed in there for such a long time. Here's to a few more weeks. You can do it!!

Thanks for the update on the power. I got off the phone with you the other day and realized we didn't talk about 2 important things - your power outage and Twilight. We'll talk again soon.

I love you friend!!!

mo said...

Brit, your grandma Marge is in our ward and I keep posted through her about your progress. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You are a trooper and a hero right now! "All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."

Laura said...

Hey this is Laura DeVroom. I came stumbling across your blog and just had to comment and my jaw dropped when I read that you were having twins. That is soooo cool. I'm excited for you!!! Good luck and keep in touch.

Leigh said...

Thinking of you and hoping you're doing well!

Mikael said...

Hey brittany! I made a "how to" video for you today (I am sick and bored) on how I tandum fed my twins the 1st little while. It was hard so I thought you could use a little direction. I tried to email it to you but your email address at verizon came back to me. What is your new email address?
here is mine