Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Behalf

Brittany is currently experiencing a lack of power. And when I say 'lack', what I really mean is that she hasn't had power since Thursday of last week and she doesn't know when it is coming back! Since I am posting this from the comfort of my house on the west coast, I'd like to say that the weather on the east coast sucks! Rain that turns into ice without a single flake of snow? What a gip!

Anyways, since being on bed rest she happened upon a rather brutal virus that left her sick and very dehydrated. She ended up in the hospital and after 3 bags of fluids, baby A and baby B plumped back up and everyone was happy. She is doing much better now and is back at home resting in bed. The rest of her family snuggles in front of the big stove, with blankets and beanies, they pop popcorn in an oiled pan and sing songs together in an effort to ward off the cold. (At least, that's how I envision it!) A family that survives a power outage together, stays together.

I won't make this last any longer because most of you don't know me and probably didn't come to my sister's blog only to have to read my lame commentary. Next time I'll have her call me and I'll write her own words!

Happy Holidays!


emma jo said...

Oh feel better soon Britt! and keep those babies nice and plump. I hope that you have warmer days ahead...we got ice too. Stinky ice.

Kirsten Michelle said...

holding you and yours close in thought and prayer, beautiful mama.
sending love, love, love.

thank you kara, for keeping us all posted.

Mikael said...

thanks for updating us! I am always keeping her in my prayers, hoping that babies come out ok, but really hoping SHE comes out ok since she will need all that energy to be their mommy :)

Steph said...

Oh, well wishes to Brittany and family! I hope the power is back and that Momma is feeling better.

Steph (from Squam)

Paige said...

Kara, you are awesome for posting the update. Please remind her how nice it is here in CA even when it isn't.

Suzie Petunia said...

I hope you have your power back now. We have an ice storm that has taken down a lot of power in our area, and there is a good chance we could lose our's tonight. It is amazing how we take things as seemingly simple as a light switch for granted when it is working... and how desperately we miss it when it doesn't!

How are your little babies doing? I hope you are surviving bed rest and that the kids are being helpful.

jenica said...

i hope you're feeling better now and that your power is back on!!! i've been thinking about you.