Thursday, January 21, 2010

color your own valentines

hello.color your own valentines

I have been doing some coloring pages for my daughter and she enjoyed them so much that it gave me an idea...color your own valentine pages! She was very excited about it and the other kids jumped on board.

They gave me some ideas.

My 5th grader was worried about what she could give to the boys--nothing too mushy. She liked the "u rock" idea.

cutiepie.color your own valentines

My 2nd grader said he wanted to give the girls "hugs".
I thought that was cute.

I put them on my flickr page in thier own little set so that you could print them off and have some fun with them too. Just print them off on some white card stock and get out the crayons, colored pencils, markers, glitter...choose your poison. I still may do some more, if I do I'll add them to the set as I go.

lovebird.color your own valentines


Clairissa said...

you're my hero! you better believe a little family in atlanta will be using some of this loveliness :) p.s. did you get my email about your 'brave' painting?? i had a quick question for ya. xoxo

Hannah said...

This is such an awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing this Britt!

Dallas and Krista said...

That's the freaking cutest thing. I am going to do them for my friends. Of course not my own- just color yours :) And it just makes me even more positive that you are destined to be a textile designer. I mean, who just comes up with that stuff?? Seriously... (by the way textile designers make BANK- you really should look into it)

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you!!! we'll be using them in Nova Scotia;)

Anonymous said...

Great, thank you.....I have a three year granddaughter who will enjoy making them pretty....

Take care,

Miss Mary said...

These are so wonderful! Great job, you are so talented. And happy birthday to your babies!

Kimberly said...

We just printed them yesterday and my son just absolutly loved them!

oh, and I had a question... do you use a special program to edit your photos?? I have been trying to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 but I am having a hard time using it! I just love looking at your photos and reading your blog, its amazing!