Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you put it on your head

crochet project: hat

I've been a crocheting fool lately. I have been craving yarn.
I made this little cutie from a tutorial I found here.

little hat baby

We have them in several colors and sizes. The children thought it was so cute without the pom pom that they talked me in to not putting one on. But I may still do it yet. My five-year-old says she likes it because it's what "the towns people would wear."

I wonder which town she's talking about?

This little Wee One won't keep anything on her head.

It's sad.

She has no hair.

It's cold outside.

crowned princess

Here's another little ditty I made spur of the moment. I had a craving for a crown. I don't know why, I just thought it would be cute if I could crown a baby, but crowns are always so hard and that would make me feel mean. So I had my crochet hook in hand and saw a little "edge" in a book that looked like a perfect crown.

crocheted crown

She doesn't even realize it's on most of the time.

crocheted crown: back view

Except when she does. Then she grabs it and takes it off and climbs on top of me when I'm taking her picture.



A-Kap said...

Cuteness all around...cute hat, cute crown, cute pics...cute, cute, CUTE!! (and cute creativity!)

Amy Caroline said...

I love that hat, pattern and color! I might have to try it myself!

Mikael said...

just adorable!