Monday, January 18, 2010


Listen: original mixed media on clayboard

One day while listening to an address given at church, the speaker was talking about the importance of meditation and that we need to make it a daily practice. I was quite young and I looked up at my mother and asked what meditation was. She explained simply that it was when you took the time to stop and think and listen. I looked at her bewildered, “Do you mean that not everybody does that?” She stopped and looked into my eyes and smiled and shook her head, no.

I remember trying to read the look in her eyes. Her familiar eyes were like looking into a mirror. But at this moment, I couldn’t quite read them. Were they filled with humor? My little daydreamer. She can’t imagine a world where people don’t stare out of the window until they grow weary. Was it remembrance I saw? I remember when I was young and didn’t have five children running around and I had the time to meditate.

I had a realization at that moment: Meditation comes naturally to me. But it might not always be as easy as I grow into adulthood.

The beach is like a holy place. It takes me away from the stress of my life and my burdens and leaves me with time to meditate. It happens naturally whenever I end up on the shore. No matter the season or time of day, the sound of the waves creeps into my soul and my body lets go and makes room for me to listen. Just listen.

This painting was inspired by this thought process. My realization from years ago has indeed come into fruition and I no longer naturally meditate. I have chaos surrounding me on every side, to-do lists filling up my space and children needing me for every imaginable thing. So I need to remind myself to stop. Breathe. Listen.


Emma Jo said...

I love that your description includes not just thinking but listening as well...that is my favorite part and oh, so important.
It's a beautiful painting.

Kathleen said...

lovely reminder. xo
beautiful, yummy painting!

i love your description of how your mother looked at you. i imagine that she smiled, realizing that you "got it". you had this kind of deep understanding at this age and it made her proud.
that is what i think.

the ocean does the same for me, mama.

Anonymous said...

So important, so needed....thanks for the reminder.

Take care,

adrienne said...

LOVE your post and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your painting. I totally understand your feelings about the beach. I grew up in San Diego and miss it like crazy when there is too much chaos going on. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and catch my breath.

Adrienne (Ted's significant other ;)

PS...I looked on your etsy shop to see how big the painting is and I didn't see dimensions on how big. Do you mind shooting my an e-mail and letting me know. I absolutely LOVE this-if you couldn't tell-lol!

Rachie said...

What a Beautiful painting, just beautiful!
And a lovely memory to go with it, your right we all need to take that time to listen :)
This has to be one of my absolute favorite paintings of yours, Jarek keeps telling me we need some of your Artwork on our walls :)

brittany said...

thanks, guys!!

you're making my day:)

A: I dropped you a line, but it's a six inch square on clayboard (an art board covered with a thin layer of clay so you can carve into it)

Kathleen: I like what you think:)