Monday, January 11, 2010

good morning. good afternoon. good evening.

Good Morning

good morning.

When I lived in Salt Lake City I served breakfast at the Market Street Grill. (mmmmm. I'm craving breakfast, lunch and dinner from there right now...just imagining what I would order...okay, done.) They used to serve ham with french toast and it was the perfect compliment. I think french toast might be my favorite. At least today it is.

french toast and ham

Don't you like my new little plates? I got them for Christmas. They make me happy.

Good Afternoon


I took this as I was getting one of my littlest Littles up from her nap. I realized that I have never taken a picture of her little space. And her little space makes me happy.

That is one of my paintings. I posted about it here.


Those are just little yarn balls I hung from the ceiling. I got the idea from reading Nie Nie's blog while I was on bed rest. It is such a simple idea, but I find it very satisfying and pleasant. And the wee one likes to watch them.


I made the little birdies sometime during the pregnancy, thinking about my little winter birds.

Good Evening


After the Christmas season ended, I was longing for some simplicity. All the decorations seemed stifling and I couldn't get them down fast enough. So I just have been lighting tea lights on the mantle and calling it good.


These cute blocks were a Christmas present for the babies. They haven't played with them much because all the big kids are having fun making words. This one was thunk up by my awesome babysitter who hates mayonaise. I thought it deserved a little spot on the mantle for January.

Have a happy day, friends.


Dini said...

Love this. Happy day to you too!

Karynne said...

I love the way you decorate your house!

Donna said...

Love the blog, love the fireplace, hate mayonaise as well.

Mama Coons said...

Love your green plates and candles on the mantle! I have been burning candles since we took down Christmas, it's dark out there! Also, I love your block messages! You inspire me!!! Love you....

Tanya and Colin said...

Great post! I love french toast, the yarn balls and the blocks!

A-Kap said...

I can't stop drooling just thinking about that french toast and ham....sounds and looks divine....

Steph said...

I love these glimpses into your home! It looks beautiful. :)

Tara said...

So funny. Do you collect jadeite? I have the same plates & am a bit of a jadeite fanatic. I agree, they are lovely - especially with french toast!

Anonymous said...

hi, i love your style and the yarn balls. i am not very crafty, so can you tell me how you get the yarn to stay in the ball and not unravel? and what do you hang it with? a tack? I love the idea! Thanks!