Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy love day {a giveaway!}


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

I have been feeling all kinds of love around here.

I am one lucky girl.


I was practicing my new skills via Pioneer Woman. She said it in a way that I finally got it! One step closer to putting my camera on M. (how does PW do it all?)


My kids celebrated at school yesterday.

They brought color-your-own valentines (a lot of effort went into each one!)

and Playdo in the appropriate valentine colors (available at your local grocier).


pink valentine

Dressing in a festive fashion. She never wears those boots. She claims they are too bright. She wears that tutu to school all the time. I must be missing something.



There will be two winners!

Valentine #1:



(I have a bunch of different kits, but I never renewed them. If anyone is interested, let me know, I'd be happy to put them up--it's a de-stash--practically at wholesale cost! Heaven knows I need to de-stash.)

(my photo is in there!)



In the comments section, tell me about something you love.

One entry per person please.

Comments will close at midnight on Valentine's Day.

Winners will be randomly chosen on Monday morning (after the babies wake me up wanting a clean diaper and a warm bottle and lots of kisses).
Happy Valentine's Day!


Melissa P said...

I love this giveaway and I love being curled up on my couch with the fireplace on (its electric but it works) and a hot cup of coffee!

Clairissa said...

There is no resisting a giveaway from the fabulous B! I LOVE that smell in the crook of my 13 month old's neck, where it's all soft and warm and I can still smell his wonderful baby-ness. I'm always kissing and smelling that spot over and over on a daily basis :)

Anonymous said...

Love fun giveaways! I love after a long day with my little kids, how they look when they're sleeping in all their lovliness. The sweet and peaceful looks on their little faces. Love it.

Maegan Beishline said...

I love this fun giveaway, I love Pioneer Woman too, and I love love LOVE cuddles with my babes! Happy Valentine's Day!

sewnso said...

I love my sweet Norah. She is 5 and three quarters. She embraces every day with love and joy and excitement. I am so blessed to have the gift of motherhood and to feel the love for a child that only a mother can possess and, best of all, give.

vanessa said...

I love that even though my girls have strep and croop and we are all lying on the bed I moved into the family room that we are all still happy :)

Sean and Nicole said...

I love the rush of cool air when you get out of the's so refreshing!

Canadian Princess said...

I love my wonderful hubby (who's away this weekend so I miss him greatly), my adorable very active almost 2 year old son and my very active little girl playing around in my belly (who's joining us in less than 6 weeks)!

Thanks for the giveaway Brittany!

Emily said...

Love your Love Day giveaway! What a cute idea! And I have come to LOVE running! I craveit, I need it, I want it! My favorite part comes about a mile into my run....There is a man made waterfall and the sound of it totallly relaxes me! Reminds of the beach and running a long the harbor! Puts me right back in Huntington Beach! AND I LOVE YOU!!!

m moon said...

I love my babe we just made some cards together:)

Anonymous said...

I won your last giveaway so don't put my name in - but I love YOU! You are awesome.


fromthepines said...

HI Brittany!

I love giveaway number 2 !:)

oh, and I also love my now adult (yikes!)daughter.

and chocolate.


Jessica Stier said...

Love, what a great topic! I love when my babies are sick so we get to stay home and snuggle all day long. As much as I don't like them actually being sick, it forces us to all slow down and spend the the day snuggling.

Also, I have a tutorial of sorts on how to shoot in manual. It may help you. It's how I learned. Give it a read and maybe it will help you too. :)

Take care!

Parker said...

Pretty Brittany,

I LOVE my Bono Baby and my Daniel too. They always make everything feel okay and they love me despite my many mood swings.



p.s. That tutu is super cute I LOVE the boots. They're adorable.
I hope she wears them more.

Jessi said...

Besides all the special people in my family, I love knitting in front of the TV.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

I love that I have no sense of winter. to explain: a story. I was talking with a mom on the playground and she was talking about the Olympics and how excited she is. I responded oh the summer Olympics, huh it seems early in the year for them. after some laughter I realized just because I am at the park in a t shirt with the sun shinning doesn't mean there isn't winter with cold and snow other places.

I Love being spoiled with great weather all year long in sunny so cal.

and I love your artful creative blog!!!!

Emma Jo said...

I love women...and how different they are...and how talented...and lovely...and strong...and creative...and lovely. Happy Valentine's Day! I love their colored valentines.

Sharrieboberry said...

I love to sit, undisturbed, on the comfy couch, reading a good book. It's the undisturbed part that Just...Doesn't...Happen! Oh well, I'm loved and needed!

Wehaf said...

I love my dog, whom we got as a rescue and completely fell in love with, instantly. She makes every day warmer and happier and brighter.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Crystal said...

I love my daughter and the fact that she cleaned the house for me today and even mopped the bathroom floor. I was so happy I almost cried. She said she didn't know if she should feel flattered or sad that I think it's the best gift ever! I love that girl!

Leigh said...

So many things that I love! Something that comes to the forefront of my mind today is how much I love my sister. We were talking on the phone last night (we talk every day) and something about the kids was making us laugh so hard we were both crying and both felt like we had done 100 sit ups. She is the only one that can make me laugh THAT HARD. It's still making me smile - and laugh- today just thinking about it. My sister is the best and I am SO lucky to have her!

Jocelyn Lord said...

I am so excited to finally participate in one of your giveaway's. I have been reading your blog since I was about 5 months pregnant and now my daughter is almost 11months. I eagerly look forward to your posts every day, as they inspire and challenge me to be a better mom and person. I am amazed and bewildered as to how you are able to find the time to make such beautiful things with five children. I have been fawning over your aprons and scrapbook albums on etsy for some time, and I am excited about the prospect of owning one of your creations.
Something I LOVE: There are a great many things that I love, and to choose just one is difficult.... but I must admit that I love biking. There is something so exhilarating about propelling one's body up a hill, or down the face of a mountain, with the wind whistling in your ears. I love it makes my heart pound like mad and my legs burn. I especially love biking in the mornings when the world is still sleeping and I have the country roads all to myself. Biking makes me feel strong and capable and free as a bird.

loony said...

I love sunshine and the ocean and friends that are family. :)

Melissa said...

I love eating soup and warm fresh-baked bread in the winter. I'm planning on making three batches of soup this week: baked potato, vegetable beef, and tomato. I love them all.

Hannah said...

Apart from the deep meaningful loves of my, truths, home, etc....I love fabric!

xianfern said...

I love bacon. With anything, on anything.. yum BACON! And I love you too, and your wonderful family!! xoxo

Miss Mary said...

Hello! What a lovely giveaway! I love so many things, it will be hard to choose just one--so I will say I love ice cream, soooooo very much. I could eat it every day. And maybe not even feel guilty about that! Happy V-day!

Kara said...

I love the sound of silence after an unquestionably hard time. When I can sit down with a good book and hear nothing but passing planes overhead or lawnmowers in the background!

Ellie and Tate colored your valentines for all of their friends and classmates. No joke, it took about a week! But they turned out super cute :) Thanks for the idea.

Georgia said...

I love the sky right after a huge rainstorm, when the light filters through the clouds and everything is clean and fresh.

Anonymous said...

I love my family!!!

Rose said...

I know the contest is over, but my favorite thing is cooking good food and not having to was dishes. I firmly believe that in Heaven you can cook anything you want, you won't gain weight, and you will never have to wash dishes.

angel said...

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