Sunday, January 31, 2010

does it count?

artful blogger

This is the latest issue of Artful Blogging. Here is an article about the Wish Studio and how Mindy rocks for making such a great place for creative types to commune.

See that middle picture? The one with the nest and the blue eggs? That's mine.
(See? Isn't Mindy so sweet to submit something from little ol' me?)

But the only problem is they forgot to put my name in the photo credits.

Number 33 on my list is "get published." I left it vague, because really, you just never know what direction life is going to take, but I was going to check it off my list when I heard that my picture was going to be in a magazine. And such a beautiful magazine at that. (Have you see in it? You should. You need to pick it up and look through it's thick glossy pages nice and slowly. Lots of inspiration and loveliness.) But now it doesn't really feel like it counts.

But that's okay. You know its me now, my little blogging friends. And I love you guys! It was still exciting to see a picture sitting there that I took with my own camera. It was in my front yard in the holly bush right outside my kitchen-sink-window. I was getting ready for two babies to arrive. I could hear the baby birds calling for food after they hatched. And now its sitting there on a page in a magazine.

So here's what happened after I took the picture above:

blueberry pie

pie eater

My little buddy and I ate that yummy blueberry pie. We talked about the sweet crumb topping and then I told her to stop hogging it all.

pie eater 2


Kara said...

So interesting that you are talking about this because my old neighbor/friend Jeanne is getting published in this magazine in a couple months. She had to send in an article and pictures and stuff. Look for her...Bushel and a Peck! Maybe you could get her to mention you so your name could be in print. Although, I think having your picture in their speaks louder than a name! Artists are visual. it's like when I hear a good song on a TV show and I spend hours searching for it because I have to know who sings it and what the rest of their music is like. They will do the same trying to find out who took that picture.

All those pent up comments in one shot. sorry.

Lucky Candice said...

Wooah. That's so cool and must be crazy to see your photo in print! Love it.


Karynne said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! It totally counts!!!!!!!!

A-Kap said...


Now how do I get me some o' that divine blueberry pie???? I can taste it just from looking at those pics!!

mindy said...

it all counts britt. and i know they will make it right for you. becuase you deserve it. i'm so happy that you were there along side me.

Dallas and Krista said...


sperlygirl said...

it totally counts - and your photo is lovely, i love it. warmly, s

jenica said...

i'm counting it myself! will you take a picture of my pic and send it to me? haha, i haven't gotten my copy yet. ;-D


Old School/New School Mom said...

I want that pie immediately! Your baby is adorable!!!

Maegan Beishline said...

That's awesome! Congrats on seeing your photo in print. It must, however, be quite a bummer not to get credit. Well, now I know...and I'm impressed!