Friday, February 5, 2010

grateful friday

(we switched everyone's bedrooms around. now we're in the midst of painting and organizing...)

children that throw parties for each other for no reason

online inspiration (seriously--it's never ending.)

good friends

date night


nap time

flickr (I love doing my project 365. My vision for the whole thing is to print a book at the end of the 365-year (I started the day the babies turned 6 months old) and have it as a visual journal for this year in my life. I'm trying to get pictures of every day things and watch the children grow. Images of our surroundings and things that we enjoy. Food that we're eating and places we love.)


spooning with my honey

baby voices

hand made lotion (you can be thankful for that too--go here;)

free online crocheting and knitting patterns

I'm making an article of clothing. (No. 11 on my list) I'm starting small.

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