Friday, June 18, 2010

sandboxes and sprinklers


We had some boys over this afternoon.  They were awesome. 
They ran and yelled and played.  They were loud and beautiful.  They had the brightest eyes and biggest smiles. 

I loved hearing bits of their conversations.  These six squares right here on my stomach?  They were nice to my girls and nice to me.  They stayed happy for hours.  HOURS!  They played in the sandbox for over an hour!  The sandbox!  Who knew?

Look, they even were reading aloud to each other on the hammock:


Until they realized that I was taking pictures of them:


(what?  I couldn't resist.  want. to. pinch.)



another piece of conversation that I caught:

The most disgusting would be scab flavor.


Toilet flavor!


No, no! Kissing flavor!


Sewer flavor!


Kitty litter!


(I wouldn't mind trying kissing flavor...)

These boys were a perfect end to my hard week.  They put my head back on straight and tweeked my mood so the sun could make rainbows.  They were like a deep breath of childhood and fresh cut grass.
(Oh, wait, that really was fresh cut grass.)


Jessica S. said...

This made me smile. Love the one of them reading before noticing they were observed.

Shannon Gish said...

Britt, it's amazing how you can find/create art in just about anything; even in our boys bunch. Wish Solomon would have been there. I laughed when I saw Gage flex for the camera. Can anyone say - older brother influence?

Lucky Candice said...

I love this post! Summer summer summer. Kissing flavor. Too funny. I would eat them and eat them if they had jelly beans in that flavor.

love yoU!


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

Tushies and toes on little ones-LOVE EM LOVE EM LOVE EM! From a fellow flyer, Robin

Mikael said...

man I love boys. and I need a sandbox :)