Monday, November 29, 2010

I've been meaning to tell you.

My camera broke!  Can you believe the nerve of that beloved instrument?  I have to actually send it in!  And pay money!  And LIVE WITHOUT IT for 4 to 6 weeks!

Despair!  Misery!

Actually it seems I'm in denial.  It's been sitting here lifeless for several weeks and I can't force myself to take it in, and in the process of my denial, I'm forcing myself to live without it for even longer.

Pull yourself together, Brittany!  Just take it in!

Okay, I think I've managed to imagine myself driving to the store with my children in tow and giving my camera to a man who will take it away from me and send it far, far away.  But he promises to send it back to me all shiny and new and freshly clean.

Yes, I can see the day when my beloved instrument returns to me in the the shop?  (Do I have to drag the kids back in to the store?? Again?  It's so painful.  It takes so much energy.  I hardly have the energy to type this now just thinking about taking them all the way back to the store!  Do you know what it's like with TWO squirming toddlers?  They are strong.  And loud, too!  Maybe the other kids will be helpful?) 

Okay, it comes to me in the mail.

And I'm so grateful!  Almost as if it was meant to break, just so I could enjoy such a beautiful and newly perfect camera once more.  And it was all worth it in the end.

Here's the last picture from my camera: 


Isn't she cute?


Mikael said...

I love how you call it your instrument, because that is EXACTLY what it is! My heart is broken for you, I can't even imagine living without my camera... but like you said, it will come back shiny and NEW!! YAY!
Oh,and I do KNOW EXACTLY what it's like to have 2 squirming toddlers... EEK!!!!! Can I tell you, you don't want to know what it's like to have two curious 2 year olds, I don't have to, because you soon will know.
Love ya girl, thinkin about ya!


Shannon Gish said...

eeee gads! for you like that's like losing a limb...or eye.

Maybe it will be a bionic camera when you get it back..."we have the technology, we can rebuild."

I think we should arrange for you to try out the repairs on our family....I'm just sayin'....

grace said...

Hello Love,
Just stopping by for my dose of Brittany sweetness.
Happy Days,

brittany said...

hello, grace, you lovely woman. love to you.xx

shannon, that would be awesome!! A bionic camera. I think I need many bionic things in my clumsy life. That would make life so much easier. What about a bionic floor that cleans itself? love you:)

winna said...

one can swim in those eyes with the quizzacal brows!