Friday, December 3, 2010

the realities of living with children

under the tree

Jake was finishing getting ready for work this morning and I looked up when he said, “Oh, my nerd.” He was pouring water out of his shoe.

The other evening while helping with mass amounts of homework for various children, my son walked past to sharpen his pencil and smacked me on the backside. “It jiggled,” he said. We all laughed and then everyone got off their seats to try it out. I ended up on the floor with little people on top of me trying to make me jiggle and me trying to prevent any jiggles.

Every time I put music on, my littlest tiniest girl twirls. Every time.

It's December and it's time for magic!


Rachie said...

oh my goodness, that is so funny!!!!!! I love the picture too!

Emma Jo said...

I love it, it sounds a lot like my house (the jiggling of one another's parts that water in the shoes.) And I might just have to start saying "Oh my nerd" because it is funny. I love the picture!!