Monday, January 24, 2011

35 before 36

35 before 36

I've had this done for a while, but I've had a hard time getting the stuff done that I intend to get done so I hadn't posted it yet.  So even though it seems personal to me and kinda makes me feel vulnerable, I like the accountability it gives me when I post it here.

My birthday is right before Thanksgiving and it took me until after Christmas to finish this list!  After a while I figured out what the problem was.  I kept wanting to think big, because I know that things really happen when you put the intention out there. The problem is that I know what it takes to go for big, and just thinking about thinking big was exhausting because of the phase of life that I happen to be in.  So I changed my paradigm about how I want to make goals for myself and my family this year:  I choose balance.  I choose to find a way to rest/relax/de-escalate/breathe.  I choose to allow growth by releasing my expectations.  I choose to simplify.

So I started making goals to fit this new shift.  Goals that allow/force relaxation and fun.  Goals that help me get back to the basics.  Goals that help me keep a balance and allow me to strengthen myself for the long haul; to nourish myself so I have something to give.  You know what I mean?

Here's to the wisdom and beauty of aging.  Seriously, it really is awesome and I'm so happy that I can find beauty in it when it seems like so many can't.  It's like a little secret hidden treasure.


1.  Learn to felt
2.  get a family picture
3.  take a class
4.  practice more yoga
5.  ride a horse
6.  get a new dress that makes me feel pretty
7.  twenty paintings
8.  meet Norah (my new niece)
9.  teach a class
10.  finish painting the bathroom!
11.  visit a local attraction
12.  take the kids on a train
13.  go out to a movie (maybe a double feature!)
14.  be active..start running again..lift weights..
15.  read my scriptures (or listen)
16.  knit something
17.  take the kids on a hike
18.  clean out my closet
19.  do my visiting teaching
20.  jump in a lake
21.  read on the hammock
22.  represent in a gallery
23.  design fabric
24.  wander aimlessly
25.  finish that book
26.  be creative every day
27.  go to a yummy concert
28.  plan a trip and GO
29.  learn more about Noetic Science
30.  project 365
31.  sew something
32.  make a fairy house
33.  paint a mural
34.  figure out daily balance
35.  become a member of local art association
36.  send thank you cards

(yes, I realize I did one too many.  perhaps I felt guilty for taking it so easy on myself;)


ANG said...

Go Brit! That's what I'm about...balance.

jill nalette said...

i believe in you and this list, but remember to be gentle with yourself!
miss you!
xo and smiles~ jill

Emma Jo said...

I love it.

Dallas and Krista said...

My favorites are:

8 for obvious reasons. Because you meeting Norah would both make me happy and mean that I get to see you too :)
14 You will feel so good if you do this, plus have more energy. What Mom doesn't need that?
32 I love it. Everything about it. What a fabulous little notion. I see glitter and tiny beautiful things, and lots of white.