Monday, February 14, 2011

a love letter: this is my version of shouting it from the rooftops

happy valentines day

Dear Valentine,

I don’t care what people say about love not lasting. Mine does; it has; it will continue. Don’t give me statistics about the possibility of failure or about how most marriages aren’t happy. I don’t care what they say about chemestry or lust or age.  None of it matters because this is you and me and our love and experience transcends any statistic or history.

I am committed to this. To us. To you. To you and me. You are committed and I know it because I can feel it. I took a leap of faith and threw all my eggs in one basket when I chose to wake up next to you and only you every day for the rest of my life and on into the eternities that we can only imagine. It’s the single best choice I’ve ever made. It has effected every second of every day and will continue to make everything better forever more.

Because of you.

I owe you my happiness. I owe you everything I have, everything I am. All my joy.

If the whole world came crashing down around me tonight, I would never be able to deny the truth that love heals. Love makes us better. Love changes everything. Your love has made me into something more that what I was on my own.

Our love is stronger than all our faults put together. Stronger than any temptations. Our love is stronger than any failure.

When we were about to get married I remember someone talking about how they loved their spouse more after years of marriage than they did on their wedding day. I couldn’t imagine the thought of loving you more; I already loved you more than my soul could contain. But now I think I understand what they meant a little better. Our love has become an old love. Something deep and multifaceted. Something complex and simple all at once. Something that surpasses hormones and disaster or joy and excitement. It is steady and strong and ever-present. 

I. Love. You.


Your Valentine


jake said...

: )

Jessa said...

I LOVE this line. "Your love has made me into something more than what I was on my own."

b_maria_why said...

a beautiful letter! :) i think those blessed with good marriages need to talk more about them!...some of us are truly lucky.

Leah said...

how sweet!
"old love"...beautifully put.
A happy marriage is own of life's greatest blessings.
It is nice to read a wife praising, not criticizing her husband.


Kylee Jo; said...

You can tell that came from the heart! It's so deep. I really like it!