Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So far in the past two hours

IMG_0693 2 year old daughter has sprinkled an entire shaker of sugar and cinnamon all over the first story floor, found a wet diaper in the trash and thoroughly inspected it, dumped all the toys out of the baskets, found a baggie of googly eyes (she learned how to get in the junk drawer??) and dumped them out and chewed on half of them, covered the bathroom floor with water, colored over her body and clothes (brand new for her birthday!) and the counter with permanent marker and bit her sister twice.


And that’s just one of them. (The other one is licking the sugar and cinnamon off of the floor and I’m just going to let her do it.)

You may think me neglectful, but I don’t care—I’m too tired to write down all the intercepted attempts of destruction.

Please excuse me—I have to go because she is now attempting to get the permanent marker off the counter with Windex. (fyi: the only thing I’ve found effective is aerosol hairspray. Spray it right onto the marker and wipe off. Truly amazing.) (Do any of you know how to get it off of skin or fabric??)


Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

MAN she's Good! That's some impressive chaos she's managed to whip up. (or shake out?)

As for the marker. I've had good luck with "Grandma's Secret Spot Remover". i get mine at Hancock Fabrics, but I've seen it for sale at Michael's craft's. Skin, well, I've used the Mr. Clean miracle sponge thingies.

Best of luck, and OH how I wish I lived close by. 1.) to get to steal away your little cuties and ease the gap between mine getting older, and eventually being
2.) so I could get a good little giggle at seeing "the other one" licking up the sprinkled floor. ;o)

Emma Jo said...

Goo! Busy little girls. A padded room with a television screen should come with every home sold to people with young children...especially toddlers.

CC said...

I love this! You're a good mom. :)

Anonymous said...

enJoy, i know you do. you are the bestest mommy evah.

Carrie Truscott said...

Wow! That sounds like quite the day and it isn't even over yet. I wish I was closer, too, so I could come take your little ones away for a while. My kids would LOVE the company and it would give you some "catch up" time. About the permanent marker, I have found a great spot remover called "amodex". You can buy it at Stop & Shop. I got permanent marker out of my light tan carpet with it so I think it should work on fabric, too. I hope all goes well and keep your chin up! Love you!

Sandy said...

Hi Brittany,
Just saw your print in Somerset.
I thought to stop by.
I have 5 kids and 6th on the way...
So I have had some experience with Perm. Markers too.
Grandma's spot remover is great for fabrics. But, if it sits in too long then it will not come out.
My oldest daughter tried a magic eraser on her skin once and it left a mark like a burn.
So I would not suggest that. But, I did get rid of marker with it on hard surface.
Good luck.

Rebecca said...

My 2 yr old Grandaughter once poured hot pink (of course) fingernail polish on the carpet and we used Melaluca (sp) spot remover, it worked quite well-might do the same for magic marker. I've gotten pen out of fabric with hair spray as well--good luck! You gotta just laugh and love em'! the laughing may come later-

Leah said...

Been there done that...makes you wanna pull your hair out doesn't it?
It like "why do I even bother cleaning, its such a waste of time!"
Then when you slack off the house gets hideously inhabitable.
Want a horrible mother confession?
My own destructive two year has a fever virus thing that my other kids all got, and part of me (only a tiny part, but still a part) is enjoying her laying on the couch most of the time, and taking extra long naps, cuz I can get things done and the house is staying in some form of order for a change.
And that is the honest truth.
Thankfully, I am certain that there is extra Grace for mothers,


A-Kap said...

You are making me afraid. Very afraid. Is this what I have to look forward to??????

Rachie said...

You are an awesome Mom, and a total inspiration to me! Jarek and I often say what would the Soucy's do! We like your examples of parenting a lot!
"and I'm just going to let her do it" I love this!!!!
I can just imagine the who scenario! Love those crazy girls! Really Cute Hat Project too!!!!
Love you!

b_maria_why said...

ha this made me giggle :) children are so challenging.
my 4yr old boy is just ALL OVER the place--physically and mentally. i feel like a spinning top at the end of the day. <3

kaly said...

My 21-mo old son recently wrote (with permanent marker) on fabric I had sitting folded on the table. My husband was "watching" him at the time. Husband says, "You're just going to cut it up and sew it back together anyway, right?"

*sigh* he's right. I just had to laugh.

Lea D said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun at your house; never a boring day, hey? My kids are grown but I have lots of fun when grandkids and great-grandkids come to play. Same kind of fun you have, but then they go home after a couple hours. Whew!
Just wanted to let you know that GOO GONE works to remove just about everything (including perm marker) and can be used on just about everything (including skin and fabric). You can find it at hardware stores, home improvement centers, maybe Walmart. I got mine at the dollar store here in Canon City, Colorado.

Rose Bryant said...

Brittany, too funny, so funny, what a great giggle for my day. I love the "so I am just going to let her do it". I don't get to your blog enough. You are so creative and fun! Rose