Tuesday, February 8, 2011

restyled: a tutorial

restyled bonnet-style baby beanie

I wanted to show you how I made a cute baby bonnet style beanie from an old baby sweater that was stained pretty badly.

Here is the sweater before...kind of.  (I had already used parts of it for another project.)  I like the ruffly edge and thought it would be cute around a sweet little face.

baby sweater: before (kind of)

I folded it in half , inside out, with the seams matching up together.  The seams make a good edge: they won't unravel when you cut the sweater.  Since this was a tiny sweater, I went all the way up to the the arm hole seam and sewed a straight line from the seam to the fold of the sweater, making a right angle with the seams in the sweater and my sewing.

sew from seam in a straight line

Then I cut it out and turned it right-side-out.  I made a pom pom and cut some strands of yarn to make ties.  (If you don't know how to make a pom pom, they are super simple.  Just google "pom pom tutorial" and I'm sure plenty of instruction will be right at your fingertips.)

ready to add ties and pom pom

I just used a crochet hook to grab the yarn and work it through.

use crochet hook to pull yarn through

working the yarn to make ties

adding ties

I used six strands of yarn; doubled makes four strands in each bunch when you braid it.

braid the yarn

I wanted to embroider something simple + happy...


attach the pom pom and voila!

restyled bonnet-style baby beanie

I tried it on one of the smallest heads in my house before sending it to my new niece.  Yes, it's a little too tiny, but it was still satisfying to get the idea of how it will frame that sweet new face...




Rachie said...

This is sooooooo adorable ;) just seeing it makes me smile :)

Emma Jo said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.
Re purposing old kids clothes is so rewarding and satisfying isn't it.
With four girls my current fabric stash is now half old clothes.
Once again, I am amazed a mother of two-year-old twins can make such beautiful creations.
You're good.