Wednesday, September 26, 2012

it's been a while.

Here is a brief (hahaha) list of some of the things that have happened in the past 4.5 months since I last posted.

·         I took a little internet break, not just a blog break.  I rarely got on my computer and I rarely picked up my camera.  But I had my iphone with me the whole time.  (Unless it was sitting in rice inside a baggie, drying out. Twice.)  So I’ll use my instagram pictures. Because that’s how my life has been. Instant. What is right now? In front of me?


·         Jake and I celebrated our 16 year anniversary.

Date night with my honey.

·         Someone turned 8 and got baptized.

Her 8th birthday was on Easter. When I pointed the camera at her, this is what she did. Her vision: poise and grace. She is my teacher.


·         Someone also got stitches

Someone got stitches.
·         My mom got remarried to Bill.

Married. It was loverly.

My sibs. I love them.

·         My dad got remarried to Therese.


·         I was a leader at Girls Camp (and got to be my daughter’s leader, to boot).

On our hike today.


·         I took the kiddos to Phoenix to visit my sisters and their families

They did such a great job on the plane!

Cousin game night.

·         We had a family reunion in Mexico


Getting ready for a jungle adventure.

·         We went to the beach lots



Secret little message I left at the beach this morning.

·         We picked stuff


·         We had visitors

Black Heritage Trail: walking through Bunker Hill

"Okay, everyone make a silly face!"

      ·         School started again

First day.

His turn to rule the school.


There they go. They're so excited to start preschool!

  • someone turned 40

Happy birthday!  I feel blessed & lucky because of you.

·         There was a birth in the family

Met my new nephew<3

·         We had visitors again

Someone keeps sneaking in bed with grammie in the middle of the night.

·         I attended squam

Squam love

Jump in a lake.

·         We had more visitors

Love these people.

·         There was creative energy


My newest form of fun: mini paintings. They make me happy every time:)

honk if you like toast


He brings home the bacon.

Some serious painting happened today.

pen & ink

Art class today: inspired by the masters::Van Gogh and his sunflowers.

·         There was beauty to be found

My garden




Crisp evening air can make me want to chase the sunset. And then ride home toward the rising moon.

Clair de Lune inspires movement in these bodies. I just laid on the floor and watched the joy. It's the little things that refill my cup.

This morning's promise.


I know that even though that barely scratches the surface, it's a lot to throw into one post.  But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  It's part of survival of the fittest.  And that, my friends is the biggest accomplishment: I've survived the past several months with 3 year-old twins at the caboose of my family.  It's enough to drive me to an early grave.  But if it does, friends, it will be because the love was simply too intense and I imploded with the stress of it all.




jen gray said...


Emma Jo said...

You've been missed...but that's all good stuff so it's OK.

Brittany said...

glad to see you here again. :)

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing life - I love it!!

Mikael said...

I stepped out of the blogsphere myself, it is nice to come back to your blog. Looks like you had yourself an amazing and busy summer! I can't believe your twins are 3!!! I really can't believe mine are 4 and that I had another babe!! What posessed me to do this again after twins? But 1 is SOOOOoooooo much easier, it is a breeeeze!

Laini Taylor said...

Wow, what a gorgeous post! What a full life :-)

Vanessa Brown said...

You have such a beautiful life.